Offset Fulfillment Solutions

In the last nine years ISSNAD has taken a lead in Offset fulfillment in Kuwait working with leading foreign companies who deliver large infrastructure projects in Kuwait. We have also had the benefit of working with the Ministries responsible for bringing the foreign companies to Kuwait and the beneficiaries of the Offset fulfilment projects. Each Offset Fulfillment Project is customized by ISSNAD to meet the specific needs of our clients. We provide a full turnkey approach to Offset Fulfillment working with you to establish our client’s Requirements, Identify Stakeholders and Develop Stakeholder Management Plans. We support the development of our client’s Offset Project Concept and Business Plan. One of our most import roles is to support our client’s communication with Kuwait’s Offset Authority the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA).

We would be pleased to review your Offset situation with you and recommend a course of action that will lead to your Offset Obligation being fulfilled in a high quality and cost effective manner.